New York

 “The city that never sleeps”

New York City is located on the eastern coast of the United Sates on the mouth of the Hudson River and is divided into five districts called boroughs. Manhattan Island is one of such boroughs and is the heart of New York City which one also call its city centre. Manhattan Island is about two miles wide and over 12 miles long. It contains most of the business, economic, entertainment and cultural sights of the city.

A four mile long by half mile wide Central Park located at the very center of the island which neatly divides the city into sectors. This is where all Dejavu’s tourists prefer to stay and is also the shopping hub of the city. In fact Times Square at midnight seems more vibrant and active than most other cities at noon. New York has many tourist attractions like the Statue of Liberty, the United Nations headquarters, the Empire State building and over 300 museums. It is renowned for its wide variety of entertainments including the world famous Broadway theatres.

There are over 30,000 restaurants in New York City alone plus countless bars and clubs. If you like big cities and lots of excitement this is the place to visit. One of the best known US landmarks the Statue of Liberty which has welcomed millions of tourists to the United States is located on a small island in the harbor off the southern tip of Manhattan. New York City is still one of the most recognizable skylines in the world. The World Trade Center Towers are sadly missing, but the Empire State Building still dominates midtown. And a trip to the top is not to be missed!

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