Norway is the most spectacular and the most visited country in the Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway is also, by any standards, one of the most beautiful countries and one of the richest countries on earth. The Norwegian cities – cities that are themselves places of great beauty, such as Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Tromsø – are all destinations that one must visit to capture the real essence and beauty of Norway.

There are 2 major gateways into Norway namely the Capital Oslo and the mystical city of Bergen. There are mountains plunging into the sea from hundreds of meters- fjords, tall mountain peaks, northern lights and midnight sun all in this mystical land called Norway.   An ideal way to see Norway is on a Cruise and a train journey on the many spectacular train routes in Norway is not to be missed.


Oslo is one of the largest cities and has been the capital of Norway since 1814. The city is located at the head of Oslo Fjord and therefore is surrounded by a lot of greenery and woody hills. For those who love hiking, trekking and other outdoor activities, the city is the best place to be in. All the attractions are nearby each other and most of the parks are within walking distance of around ten minutes. Oslo is seen as a stopover city mainly to go to Bergen or the Fiords and the Oslo Bergen train line is supposed to be one of the most scenic journeys of the world.


Bergan is located on the south-western coast of Norway. It is an import cultural hub in its region, recognized as the unofficial capital of Western Norway and sometimes also referred to as the Atlantic coast capital of Norway. Bergen is an beautiful and a charming international city placed with history and tradition, a big city with small-town charm and atmosphere. Bergen is surrounded by one of the world’s most spectacular tourist attractions- The Norwegian fjords, which have now been included on UNSESCO’S World Heritage List. Bergen is surrounded by seven hill/mountains, of which Mt. Ulriken is the highest one. One can go by a nice cable car up, but there are also many paths for those who want to make it on their own. The best time to visit Bergan is the summer season. Bergan is located much close to the northern sea and is surrounded by mountains, because of which it is relatively a colder place with special weather conditions. In summer Bergen gets a little overwhelmed by visitors (with a 25% increase in visitors in the last five years) and finding accommodation can be a problem so always book ahead so remember to contact Dejavu well in advance if you are planning a trip to Bergen. 

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