Denmark is part of Northern Europe and is the smallest of the Scandinavian countries. The Kingdom of Denmark also has 2 autonomous provinces- the Faroe islands and Greenland. The latter is over 500 times larger than Denmark but has 100 times less people. Denmark is one of the happiest nations on earth with some of the best quality of life. Most tourist often come to visit the relatively lively city of Copenhagen while the younger will come for Denmark’s cheap and readily accessible beer, wins and spirits and of course its nightlife. Denmark remains very much a maritime nation, bordered by the Baltic and the North Sea. No place in the country is more than an hour’s drive from its lovely seashore, much of which is lined with splendid white-sand beaches.


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is a beautiful and a relaxed city. Museums boasting world-class collections compete for your attention with the many city parks- but weather permitting you might prefer a swim in the clear cool water of Havnebadet- a harbour pool just 2 minutes away from the city centre. The best time to visit Copenhagen is in the summer, despite it being generally overrun with visitors and being very expensive. Between May and September, the streets come alive as cafes spill to the sidewalks and festivals fill the air with music. Beginning in October, the city goes into hibernation for the winter to escape the biting cold; the only exception being December, when Hotels fill up for holiday celebrations. 

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