A Nation of Islands

Maldives - A nation of islands!

Maldives - A nation of islands!

“Marco Polo called Maldives – The flower of the Indies”

“Ibn Batuta said – One of the wonders of the world”

Maldives is scattered across the equator in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The gem like islands of the Maldives depict the rare vision of a tropical paradise. Palm fringed islands with sparkling white beaches, turquoise lagoons, clear warm waters and coral reefs teeming with abundant varieties of marine flora and fauna, continue to fascinate visitors.

Truly a natural wonder, the heights of the islands rarely reach above two metres. The 1,190 islands, consisting of 26 atoll formations, are spread over an area of 90,000 square kilometres.

The islands are surrounded by shallow crystal clear lagoons enclosed by coral reefs. The unique islands provide visitors with the most breathtaking views of of the underwater life in the world.

The islands are generally covered with dense tropical vegetation. Coconut palms towering above dense shrubs and hardy plants protecting the shores from erosion are natural features in most islands.

Only some 199 islands are inhabited. Another 74 islands have been set aside for tourist resort development.

A resort island and a world in itself. Developed on uninhabited islands, each island is just one hotel, exclusively maintained in pristine form and serviced for only a limited number of guests.

A honeymoon in an island resort of the Maldives is an experience you will never forget. Privacy is all yours, romanticism is a way of life, and love, as they say is always “in the air”. There are only a few places in the world where so much pleasure can be derived by doing nothing.

An exclusive island resort, with hundreds of virgin islands, you alone with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. What else can you ask for?