Vancouver is part of the British Colombia which is Canada’s most scenic province.  Vancouver challenges this tag and is a Cosmopolitan and a fascinating mix of cuisines and cultures from Asia and beyond, the coastal Mountains and the Rockies hide a plethora of world-renowned ski and snowboarding resorts and Vancouver’s west coast keeps surfers, hikers, cyclists and kayakers blissfully occupied.  Vancouver is an urban adventure ‘s delight –there aren’t many cities in the world that offer Vancouver’s combination of big city lifestyle and outdoor fun in such close proximity. Ski in the morning, sail in the afternoon and still make it back to town in time for a cocktail. Vancouver also happens to be a major gateway into Canada from India with excellent flight connections from both the Atlantic and the Pacific side and also is a major Cruising port and one of the departure points for the world famous Alaska Cruises.

Beyond Vancouver’s spectacular and wild scenery is at its heart a warm and welcoming multicultural city that effortlessly combines cosmopolitan chic and world class amenities with a fun and an easy going attitude. Explore the cool neighborhoods of artsy Granville Island, hip Yale town, historic Gas town and relaxing Kitsilano. Visit contemporary museums and unique attractions, like crossing the Capilano Suspension Bridge- One of the longest and highest in the world. –and the Treetops Adventure or take in the only 4D experience in Western Canada at the Vancouver Aquarium. It is an extraordinary cinematic adventure complete with stunning visuals and sensory effects.

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