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Australia - the ultimate honeymoon destination

Australia is situated below Asia and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Tasman Sea and the Coral Sea. New Zealand and Australia combined traditionally make up the area called Australasia or Oceania. These exotic destinations are growing in popularity with Indian tourists each year.

The sixth largest country in the world, The oldest of the earth’s landmasses, the world’s largest island – Australia is big! Australia is about the same size in area as the United States excluding Alaska. Flying from Perth to Cairns takes about as long as flying from Delhi to Europe. Hence, you must allow yourself ample time to explore the wonders of this continent. It offers a variety of cultures, stunning scenery, unique wildlife, vibrant cities, exciting theme parks, variety of shopping and an excellent entertainment and nightlife scene. You can never run out of reasons to be there.

Its uniqueness is apparent in the Great Barrier Reef with its rich aquatic life, the distinct fauna including koalas, kangaroos and penguins and varied landscapes which stretch from tropical rainforests to snow clad mountains, from lush green farmland to huge stretches of sandy beaches. Australia has an amazing variety of anything and everything that the leisure traveller can ask for, the most scenic self drive routes and the most unexplored hiking trails.

Explore Australia

Explore Australia

No matter what your kind of holiday, with the careful planning and guidance of ‘Dejavu Holidays’ travel consultants, you can transform your holiday into your most treasured moments in life. So whether you enjoy lazing on palm fringed beaches of the Coral Sea or fashionable dancing and dining, or if you just want to admire nature’s wonders bestowed upon this land or are an adventure seeker and roller coaster rides thrill you, we can arrange it all for you !

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